Entry #18

Im not dead yet~

2013-01-12 10:12:52 by Darkfire96

I've just have been training. Extensively.
And as you can see, I leveled up, earned some new materia, and learned a new limit break.
Oh wait.
Well you get the idea ;)


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2013-09-17 20:28:31

Hey man, good to see ya!
Remember me? I left that review on -Nebula- a wicked long time ago.
You seem like a cool guy.
*Friend Request*
Back then I was called spaceninjaman. Good to see you're not dead/ More people need to hear your stuff, seriously.
See ya on the flipside.

Darkfire96 responds:

Im so late ^^"
I remember, and its good to see you again. Mind checking out the new song I posted?